Tuesday, February 28, 2006


These are the 3 things I have on the go at the moment, branching out, a backpack and my wedding shawl. I have also been spinning up the roving I got at Stitches West and am really enjoying it. Sadly they are all on hold until further notice as I have to finish and mail these...

the wedding invites, they are going out in 2 rounds which makes my life a little easier. The first round is for the actual wedding in June and given that some people need to travel I have to get them out soon, they are a little more elaborate than the party invites which don't have to be out for ages yet as the party is not till August. I had planned on the getting them done over the weekend but I have a nasty cold and spent most of the weekend sleeping. My goal is to ge them done by Saturday. Hopefully it will happen and then I will get back to my knitting life!

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