Friday, February 24, 2006

Just a few photos to share

Okay so it has taken me a extra week to get organised but I now have a few minutes to sit down and type. I ended up back in California last week; I went to help my sister out with her munchkins who have been under the weather for a few weeks now

Spending a week in CA inthe winter is not so tough and the cute factor is big help. It seems as though everyone is on the mend now.

Going to Stitches West was a highlight; I didn't notice the no photos sign until I was on my way out...opps. Now, these pictures are definitely not a Gallery of Ghastlies but they are a few things that I saw and liked or laughed at, I'll let you decided what was what, okay there are only 2 that I liked

I think there is such thing as to many knit things at once on any one part of the body, if you were to spread them out I think the effect would be better than layering them on top of one another

I love these kits, I wish I had bought one... I know they exist online but I am not allowed to look right now as I have enough WIP's on the go.

There was so much great stuff and although I didn’t want to spend much money I did get a few things. The roving is amazing and the white wool is destined for some kool-aid. I’m lovin the Twisted Sisters book and Spinner Handbook has some good tips.

Here is the stuff I got on my last trip to California in January, I took the pics but never got around to posting them. The back Fiber Trends pattern is the one I am using for my wedding shawl... it's a WIP and there will be pics eventually

This is mostly yarn that I got from my sister but I did buy some of it at various SF wool shops

I finally have a some other blog topics in my head, lots to do not and not enough time. Feb. has been empty the UFO box month and I am making progress. More pics later

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