Friday, March 24, 2006

Sing along with me will you - to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme song

Here's a story, of a lovely lady, that was knitting up a very pretty shawl. She was happy and half way through, then it all went wrong

Here's a story, of how she frogged it, pulling out all those pretty little markers. She pulled and pulled some more, till it was all gone Till the one day when the lady discovered, that she could knit it with only 2 repeats, she began again, and is now knitting, the new Wedding shawl.
The Wedding Shawl, ( do do do do doo) The Wedding Shawl, (do do do dodo) that's how it became the Wedding shawl.
Yes ladies and gentlemen I frogged the first attempt, it was a square which I liked for many reasons and disliked for a number of others but I love the butterflies. After a few independent attempts at starting again with a triangle I sought out some assitance at the LYS and got some traingle shawl 101, it's all clear to me now and I shall go forth and continue knitting. Sadly it has been a busy week of teaching and I have little knititng time but I don't have many days booked next week yet so I might get a day in somewhere. I was at Jo's this morning and we had a lovely time chatting and knitting. I must say that she is just flying along on her baby shawl. I, on the other hand discovered that the other night when I knit 3 rows I moved things along by 3 stitches and thus no longer had a center, I frogged it back a little and am now back on track.

Aside from that nothing to exciting to report, I am thinking up idea for a blog contest, it's almost been 2 years of blogging, to think that 2 years ago I was living in Seoul, South Korea! It's amazing how time flies and life changes. Posted by Picasa

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