Saturday, April 1, 2006

shhhh, don't tell

I should be painting, shuffling junk, umm I mean boxes, vacuming and or cleaning the kitchen. See I have heaps of useful things that I could be doing today. But, I would rather read blogs ( glad to see that everyone is alive and well) and generally waste time. I mean I am wearing my painting clothes, I have paint on my hands and the paint can is open with the brush laying across the top... waiting for me. Do I want to paint the rest of the kitchen, no I don't. I mean it is only primer and I am still going to have to paint it and actual colour at some point. I want to waste my afternoon doing nothing productive in preperation for my evening out, alone. Yes I am alone this weekend. P is in Montreal packing up his mother's house, it's a long story and that I won't go into. Let it be said that Quebec law regardingthe probating of will's is a pain!

So, because P is not here I can sit and play online all day and not have anyone else need the computer, why would I want to continue painting. Life is good and painting can happen anytime but awhole afternoon othe computer, a rare occasion that I believe I should cherish and remember fondly as it may never happen again.

Aside from painting the kitchen life is good. Wedding plans are coming together. P is almost finished school and I have some days as a supply teacher booked over the next few weeks... hopefully it will lead to a job for the fall. I can't imagine how great life would be if both of us managed to have jobs at the same time - then we could pay someone to paint and vacum and I would not feel like I had to so it on Saturday.

My catholic guilt is kicking in, I am off to paint.

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