Saturday, April 8, 2006

If your squeamish or a vegetarian you might not want to read this one.

Dear Resident wolves and coyotes of Conc. 2A

This is your neighbour, the one from the farm with the vast woods and fields which you seem to love so much. I have a request, a small request really and if you could do your best to try to fulfill it I would really appreciate it. I am aware that there is a cycle to life and that you being carnivorous depend upon other species of animals to provide you with your next meal. I love that you hunt at night and usually do so deep in the woods so that I am not a witness, you are usually very efficient and don't leave a trace of your activities.

Today I encountered a small problem, as I was walking the dogs this afternoon I discovered that you have not been so good at cleaning up after yourselves lately. Could you please refrain from leaving anything in the fields which my dogs may find appealing. Please remove all evidence of your evening activities and deposit them deep in the woods where we never tread and where the dogs can not sniff anything out

I appreciate your consideration in this matter and trust that you will do your best in order that we maintain a peaceful co-existence.

Yours Truly
Ms. J and her dogs

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