Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Random ramblings

I had said that I would post after Easter and fill you in but to really do that requires pictures and that would have meant getting my camera out of the car this morning and taking them. I didn't, so I can't really fill you in properly but I'll do my best in a no pic kinda way

* The shawl is coming along, I am about 2/3rds of the way through, 5 or so more repeats.

* I am quilting a pillow for my nephew to carry in the wedding, it's got a butterfly on it. It's my first quilting attempt and I think that I am doing a pretty good job. It's basted together and I just need to actually sew and then design some funky quilting for the wings.

* I decided today to add thank you cards to the list of things that I am making myself, they are so much nicer that way.

* I also decided today that things like taxes can wait until after the wedding! They really won't care one way or another when they have to send me my refund, it's not like I owe them money.

* I have gotten a lot of the the little errandy things done like gifts for the bridal party, toys and games to keep the little kids busy during the reception,

* We picked up the rings today, I love them but mine is tooooo small. I am hoping that it is because of the ugly peeling swollen hand (a result of last weeks scalding, don't argue with boiling water, you will lose) that it doesn't fit and once it looks normal again ( my hand) the ring will fit as well. We had them made from rings we already had, we melted them and put them together to make 2 new ones. It was a good way to keep that which is precious to us both and always be able to wear them.

* I found out yesterday that one of my favorite people in the world is coming to the wedding and I must say I am soooooo excited to see her, it has been at least 3 years since we saw one another.

* I have also been spinning some great roving that I got in San Francisco, it needs pictures to do it justice.

* The bulbs that I planted last fall are up, not in the order I thought they would come up but I am not complaining, I think the tulips will bloom before the snowdrops at this rate though. These too need pictures to really see what is happening as does the all the painting that I have been doing in the house. The house is happening, slowly but surely

and last but definitely not least tomorrow is my Mom's birthday and since I am at the cafe now and they have high speed she gets her Happy Birthday a day early

Happy Birthday Mom, a woman who is single handedly outfitting myself and the rest of my wedding party in custom made outfits, who always candy in her purse for a crying kid ( yes my mother gave me candy when I was sad and I turned out just fine!), who puts up with my constant worrying and hasn't disowned me yet, who encourages me to spread my wings and fly even if it means that she won't see me as often because flying takes me far away from home, who is a great woman and great mom. I love you and hope you have an amazing day.

Blogger is about to go down, I gotta go!

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