Saturday, January 13, 2007


At approximately 18 hundred hours on Thursday January 11, 2007 Norberta the dragon was viciously attacked by 100 lb doberman cross, Norberta suffered major damage to her mouth, belly and ears. The doberman cross walked away unharmed. Norberta is currently undergoing reconstructive surgery and will be ready to mail soon. There are no photos available at this time due to the graphic nature of the incident.

In other news...

While recently sitting in a hospital waiting room a knitter discovered that she was out of knitting projects, the knitter had not anticipated spending an entire day in the hospital waiting rooms - so she did what any stressed knitter would, she knit 10 rows and then frogged them in order that she might knit them again to keep her hands busy while she waited. The knitter has learned here lesson and will not be caught without an appropriate amount of fiber again - an emergency sock kit has been places in her car in case such an emergency should arise again.

Said knitter has a number of projects on the go including a shawl, a sweater, socks, and a cabled hat. Multiple projects will accompany the knitter to the hospital this coming Thursday when the knitter's husband has surgery ( nothing major but life will be better after). The knitter will return next week with book reviews, photos and progress notes

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