Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My direct line to Mother Nature seems to be broken, if yours is working can please let her know that I can handle the additional snow we will get tonight but the wind has got to stop. If it must blow for some reason could it please blow in the same direction that it was on Sunday because at this moment all the snow that drifted to the south side of the house is drifting north back across the yard and landing in the narrow path that I managed to dig causing a great deal of extra work for me. Yes, yes I understand that we can't go around making demands every day about the weather but seriously folks, I think I might just stay inside until the snow melts, floods my cellar and forces me out to make sure that the pump is working so that we don't float away.

PS The snow bank at the foot of the driveway of doom is bigger than I am, by a lot and shovelling out our mailbox was a waste of time because there is not way I have enough muscle to move a snow bank that high.

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