Sunday, March 2, 2008

moving along

Jeanie is 1/2 finished, I have hit a bit of a snag but I am sure I will get the groove of it back shortly.

The garter stitch jacket is about to be cast on, I am hoping I can plow through it in order to wear it sooner rather than later.
Our Have a Heart Afghan is nearly complete but Larissa has MRSA and I am not sure that I will be allowed to give it to her... I need to talk to her mom first, it may have to wait until she tests negative and is no longer in isolation.

FYI - I thought puppy pictures were cuter than my 1/2 finished knitting. Some people were wondering what breed they are - Mama is Rottweiler/Doberman and Papa is Bull Mastiff Rottweiler but they all look like bull mastiffs

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