Tuesday, March 11, 2008

now with pictures.

As you can see we had a little snow this weekend. It took hours to make a path from the house to the cars, that is after we found a way out of the house. When I got up on Sunday morning I could not open the front door or the back door which we never ever use. The screen where frozen in the windows and so I couldn't climb out that way either. P. had to go out the cellar door and walk all the way around the house to shovel the snow from the the front door so we could out.

The tire swing is hiding, there was more snow here but it drifted a lot overnight and most of it ended up in the fields.
There is a truck and a stone wall under there somewhere... the snow pile on the other side is higher then the white shed ( for those of you who know where the white shed is).

Ignore the ugly paneling that still lives in this room and look at the snow against the window - there is a little roof about 2 feet below that window. While I was trapped in the house for 3 days I got some knitting done. I have finished the back of the garter stitch jacket which is really not garter stitch at all - at least not according the pattern I have. Then I picked up a friends sweater to do some mending, it is a fav. or hers and I thought it wouldn't be to hard. 5 hours later it is fixed, there were lots of holes and the cuffs had to be cut off and reknit because of the holes in them. It was a big job and all day I kept saying that it was a good thing that I love her because otherwise I would of said, too bad, so sad for you. Now I seem to be developing a cold, a cold on the week that a friend (the sweater friend) is coming to play and don't have to work at all.

And because they are so cute a puppy picture, their eyes are open and they are becoming very roly poly - it's fun to watch them change so fast. They have tripled in size in 2 weeks.

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