Friday, April 18, 2008

the last one

This is their last picture, after a trip to the vet yesterday the first one left last night and the rest will go through out the weekend... except for 2, Phoebe is staying until her family moves at the end of April and Bella is staying forever - I know, I know another dog, don't start. I love her, I bottle fed her, I can't let her go and besides once you have 3 what's one more.
Life is busy, lots to do inside and outside and things in our world are changing - not things I can really talk about now ( no I am not pregnant and everyone is fine) as time goes on and they all sort themselves out and then I will talk about them. Until then my presence will continue to be sporadic and some what vague - sorry.
But, on the good news front, I get to go west next month, first to sunny San Fransisco to play with my sister and then home to play with the rest of the family for a few days, this year P is coming for the Victoria part too! I'm looking forward to playing with my siblings munchkins, it's been a year and they tend to get so much bigger in a year.

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