Wednesday, March 23, 2005

damn eggs

okay excuse the four letter word but it was the most gentle one I could use to describe the last 14 hours. I work 10 hours a day, 8 teaching, 1 for lunch (actually unpaid prep time) and 1 for prep time ( marking and classroom step up) as a result a lot of little things come home with me. Annoying work that has to be done but that there never seems to be time to do.

Today annoying work EGGS!
eggs bought on my way home from work 50
eggs boiled 49, one broke on way home
eggs cracked in pot while boiling 13
eggs broken because I was having a bad morning and did not pay enough attention to what I was doing 3

33 eggs remaining, number of students Ms. Kruz teaches 33 - okay all shall be well. I spoke to soon, Benson dropped his and it broke. If I ever see another boiled egg again it will be to soon. Those kids better love dying easter eggs and have HAPPY MEMORIES of kindergarten.

Anyone out there want 13 odd boiled eggs witha crack in the shell.....


btchwstix said...

I think your dedication is endearing and wish that all teachers had your kind of devotion. Knit On.


Anonymous said...

Munchkin with 104 freakin fever - AGAIN, wanta trade? Miss you. C