Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Grrrr, growl like an alligator

Okay that is from a song my kids love but I am growling because I just typed a great long post and cyberspace ate it. It has happened before and I should know to save my work and not just post it. So I babbled about not remembering the things I want to write about, said happy womyn's day even though it's over here already and fact that spring has sprung and I am a very happy person.

And ( I know I shouldn't start a sentence with and) I told you about the ultra cool wool I got from Susan in exchange for some stitch markers and the fact my secret pal says that there is mail on the way, surface but on the way and sadly surface is jut part of living overseas.

No that I have had to type 2 posts I am definitely behind in getting ready for work and have to get myself out the door.

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