Saturday, March 19, 2005

I am from

I am from a striped velour couch, from kool-aid and your the youngest sit in the backseat.
I am from the house with an open door, chaotic but caring, usually sharing a meal.
I am from the sand, the salt air and the fresh smell of cedar trees.
I am from 2 Christmas dinners, from J's, Mary's and I'm not Spanish we changed our last name.
I am from the clan of good cooks and no elbows on the table.
From eat your zucchini and onions and let's go swimming
I am from church, sung, not spoken and usually Ukrainian.
I'm from the island, perogies, and pasta ( often togethter).
From the basket of Nana's bicycle, shopping is for girls and be yourself, make every moment count.
I am from generations of strong and courageous people remembered now in black and white, hundreds of faces, never met them but will always know them.

It's based on Where I From by George Ella Lyons, someone thought it would be fun to adapt for a blog and I think they are right. Want to see the template, click the title and it will take you to the link.

I am off to enjoy a sunny Saturday, a long walk will make Tai very happy.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, so if my timing is right, its Sunday morning there... call me, we're home, but have both had the flu :( c.