Thursday, March 17, 2005

hey did you know

That it is Friday again already! Amazing how some weeks times fles and others it just crawls by. I has a fun week at work, I taught the kids about St. Patrick's Day and we made leprechaun traps to catch the ones were visiting our classroom. It was a lot of fun at at my parent teacher conferences yesterday I continued here how much the kids loved it. Some of what we did is on our classroom blog

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday, a huge envelope of foam letters and numbers for my class. My firend Lexi sent them, thanks Lexi. I am not sure what I will do withthem yet but I think that my kids are going to go crazy when they see them.

I have a another morning of interviews today and then I am off early... Yipee. I have a friend coming to visit this weekend, actually 2 friends and I think it will be fun. Okay well I have to get out the door, it is my day to open the school and thus I can't be late, plus I have a parent coming at 8!

Have a super Friday.

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