Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

It is always strange to be in a non christian country on a christian holiday, Easter came and went without to much excitment. That's not true I celebrated with my kids at school and we even had an egg hunt at the park. But aside from that you never would of known that it was Easter, I had pretty low key day and met up with some friends this morning and this afternoon. I also spent some time working on my fair isle hat, sadly I don't think it is going to fit on my head...oh well.

On another note all together there is something you can do this week, on April 1st a blog I read is having a comment-a-thon to raise money for breast cancer research. All you have to do is go to and leave a comment. People have donated money for the comments and the more comments the more money raised. The author of the blog lost his wife to cancer a year ago and he is doing this in her memory. It's a great cause and it will only take a minute but you have to wait until the 1st for the comment to count in the fundraiser.

Okay I am off to bed, since Easter is not a holiday here there is no long weekend. I do have spring break starting on Friday though, lucky me, I am heading to Hong Kong for 4 days.


Kimberli said...

Hello! I found your blog thru Scarf-o-matic! :-)
Firstly, thanks for the link to the cancer fundraiser!
Secondly, I'm going to be in Hong Kong as of Saturday (I'm a New Yorker in CHina right now)and am looking to have some coffee and KIP in Tsim Tsa Tsoi (sp?) on Sunday afternoon... if you're around, I'll give you the info!

Kimberli said...

I tried to email you - but can't find a link to an email

Me again -- I arrive Sat and leave Tuesday morning! Argh! There are some lovely knittiny ladies in HK! And I can lead you to a few good yarn shops! :-)
I'm working over here for 3 weeks (I come over a lot.) On Tuesday I head to Taipei! And I leave Friday. Hmph. Looks like we'll just miss each other!

I do have as much fun as possible when I travel - but days are long. Just leaving work now (only 12 hours in today!) :-)

Greg said...

J: Thank you so much for featuring our Commentathon. It is much appreciated, and I hope that we will see you and your readers on April 1. The Commentathon will be running from 12:01 a.m. PST until midnight Friday night PST. Thanks again.