Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just a few more Photos

I made it Bangkok in one piece and at the moment it is pouring with rain, I am hoping that it will stop soon so I get out and see a bit more of the city, but until then I thought I would give you a few more photos from Vietnam

We spent our last day in the sun at a great beach

The market in Hoi An

I can not believe how much the chinese influence is visable in Vietnam

The remains of the french are also seen in the old buldings, this not a great one but all the others are turned the wrong way.

All in all in was a fantastic month and I am sad that it is over. I am looking forward to being home though and I will be very soon. I left Carolyn at the airport in Danang and she went off to Cambodia to see Angor Wat ( I'm jealous) and I came to Bangkok to so that I could catch my flight back to Taipei tomorrow and then to Canada on Saturday. If the rain ever stops I will go to see some of the city today and maybe have a few more photos for you before I get to Canada.

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