Friday, July 22, 2005


I finally got the bookbookbook and I am in love with already. Now all I have to do is end up in the same city as the harlot so I can get her to sign it. She is coming to the westcoast but I will already be back in Ontario by the time she gets here. Oh well, eventually I guess.

I have had a great week here on the Westcoast. I took Tai to the beach the other day and I wish that I had my camera with me as she ran around in circles and loved chasing the seagulls. It was comical to watch this little dog try to catch something that was as big as she was. My sister and her family arrived today and I have a weekend full of family time.... but I am going to the fiber festival tomorrow on Saltspring and I'm very excited. I promise there will be pictures for you Michelle, because she had to head home early and won't make it. I am hopefully meeting up with Maureen, I'm confident we will find one another at some point.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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