Sunday, July 3, 2005

Buses 101

After spending 4 days in Luang Prabang ( a great little town with lots of character and places to visit) we got on a bus and headed to Vietainne (another dirty capital city with very little to do or see) the bus ride was through the mountains and within the first 30 minutes people around us started getting sick. Luckily for me my MP3 player drowned out most of the noise and I was able to sleep a bit. We finally pulled through the worst of it and ended up in a little place for lunch and then back on the bus for the rest of the ride. All in all it wasn't to bad for me but a few other people will remember it for a very long time. The scenery was amazing if you were able to watch it go by.

We got up the morning and went on a quest to find a bus to take us into Vietnam, it was bit of an adventure. The Tuk Tuk took us to the bus station and they told us that there was no bus until; Tuesday and they knew nothing of prices or schedules. Another person told us we were at the wrong bus station and that we should go to the other one. Off we went to the other side of the city, we pulled up to a Vietnamese restaurant and after some conversing found someone who would take us to were the busses left from. The man finished his breakfast and told us to follow his motorbike. (I was concerned about not seeing the bus that we would be riding on and did not want to put out the money until I was sure that we would ride in at least a little bit of comfort) They took us into the "office", sent some kids to get us some water and assured us that the bus we were taking was nicer than the ones outside. We decided to just go with it because our only other option would be to wait here until Tuesday. We got our tickets and the phone number of the person who sold them to us and hopefully at 6pm he will come to get us and put us on a reasonable bus headed for Hue, Vietnam. It takes 14 hours but we will be there tomorrow morning. From there we will head down the coast toward Saigon, slowly but surely.

Once I am in Vietnam I will post more photos. On Friday we went to a great waterfall and I got some amazing pictures, it was a long drive and then a long hike up but worth every minute of it. Talk to again soon from Vietnam.

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