Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Did we say 16, we meant 26, hours on a bus!

Okay as promised some more Laos photos

This is on the road back from the waterfall day trip, I wish the lady had been closer as she had a huge smile on her face

The view from the top of the waterfall, the hike was grueling but worth it

We jumped in and then lay on the top looking down into all the other pools from the photo above this, it was surreal

Look Sean and Paddy Gecko's

Another spectacular sunset

Thank God this is nto the bus that we are about to get on

We decided to be cheap and take the bus from Vietanne to Hue in Vietnam, the poster said it would take 16 hours. I am not sure who is still learning to count but it took 26 hours, it was not fun and we were not very happy backpackers. The 1st 12 hours were not so bad except for the blasting music but in the 2nd half we got share the bus with 4 fridges

Once we got to vietnam the rice fields were picture perfect

We finally arrived here late last night and were dropped on the side of the highway. We called a ritzy(by local standards) hotel and they came to get us, we are splurging and spending 2 nights there. Today we went to see the forbidden purple city here in Hue

What remains of it was cool to see, sadly a lot of it was destroyed in the war

We stopped for lunch at this great little place and got to make our own spring roll style wraps, they were amazing

Then we walked back tot the hotel for a swim, tomorrow we are off to Hoi An.

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