Sunday, July 10, 2005

It's almost done :(

I am sitting in a internet cafe working on the world's slowest computer with an internet connection that keeps on disappearing. This is try number 3. On Wednesday we got on a bus and rode 2 hours to a small town called Hoi An in the center of Vietnam's coast

It's a great little place with heaps of charm, character and things to do

It is another UNESCO sight and it's known for it's great shopping, tailors and good food

We have had a great time so far, we contemplated only staying a few days and then moving on but since we like it so much we decided to stay here. On Tuesday I am heading back to Bangkok before I go back to Taipei

Yesterday we went to see My Son, it was built by the Cham people beween the 4th and 13th centuries. What reamains of it is amazing to see, little of it remains in tact because it was bombed heavily during the war

There are a few temple building that remain in tact and they are working hard at preserving what is left

Today we are off to the beach, I twisted my ankle yesterday so I am not up for 2 much walking. We stopped at this great beach on the way here and I played with this little girl. The kids here are great, really friendly and a lot of them speak at least a little english. I'll post one last round of photos from Bangkok before I start the epic journey home. By the way, it's my sisters birthday today, Happy Birthday C, I would send you to her blog but I haven't convinced her to start on yet. Have a great weekend everyone, I will see some of you very soon.

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