Thursday, April 14, 2005

My mom said there would days like this even in Australia

Yes I am using lines from children's literature to title my posts, I can't decide if that is amusing or sad.

Yesterday was long, to long, inconsolable little girls, full oatmeal cans falling on heads, monsterish behavior and generally just a crappy day at work. Then I got a photo from Cooper, not a great picture, actually it's not even a good one but he wrote me a note on the back,

From super Cooper
to Ms. Kruz
your really good

Ps I really love you.

moments like that make teaching worth it even if everything else is crap.

I want to ask a question to the peanut gallery about stripes or no stripes on the current WIP but I forgot the camera at school... it'll wait till tomorrow I guess.

Mark your calendars International PJ day IV is April 24th, more details tomorrow when I pay more attention and get the link.


Jess said...

Hi Justine,

Just popped over to read Kimberli's page and saw that you all met up in HK! Looks like you had shopping fun and that your stitch marker world domination plan is gathering pace...

Happy knitting,


Kimberli said...

Glad you had that shining moment in an otherwise crap-o-lah day!

Int. PJ Day -- you need to see Celia's blog for that:
We had a PJ Day back in...Feb? Check the upper right corner of my blog for links & photos.