Saturday, April 9, 2005

Highlights o f Hong Kong

A photo album will follow shortly, maybe tomorrow at some point but more likely Monday or Tuesday. Until then let me tease you with these (I'll delete them when I get the photo album up so the free web host doesn't kick me off for exceeding my limit)

Hong Kong has it's own Walk of Stars, I had to take a picture of Jackie Chan's just so I could say I was there. This was the end of my day of walking in which I saw most Hong Kong Island and then crosed the bay to go to Kowloon, this was the last place I went.

This is the giant buddha on Lantu Island, it was cool to see but a bit of a tourist trap.

This is Nica and I on the rocks at Stanley, about 30 minutes from the city. I met Nica and Bergen at the hostel and we had a great day together, they were on their way to Nepal to go on a trek.

This is the harbor on Hong Kong Island, I liked the boats with the skyscrapers in the back, sadly I cut them off and you can't see how big they really are. I came here to see the noon day gun but missed it by about 2 minutes because I was waiting for an elevator. On a brighter note after leaving here I found Ben and Jerry's, chocalte chunk mint ice cream makes everything better.

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