Saturday, April 16, 2005

I survived

I survived the week the bad week at work, I developed a migrane on Thursday afternoon and it happily stayed until late yesterday. As I type it is contemplating rearing it's ugly head again but I have pain killers close at hand. Not to sure why I got this one, something hiding in Thurday's ice cream perhaps.

Anyway I did start feeling better yesterday afternoon and rode my bike to the LYS for some fiber therapy. I did not buy any wool although I was tempted they got more Jaeger and some other lovely things that I need to have and may not be able is find at home. I need to buy one Little People yarn from France jut because I love the name. But I am babbling now, I went out there to get some Chibi's for someone who wants them.

I had no idea they were as popular as they are and such a rip off on ebay. So if you want one, or any other cool Clover products let me know(the US and Japanese site have different products listed). I am not independently wealthy and so I can't gift them to all the people out there who want some but I am sure that we can work something out - trades or paypal. In the picture there is a pom pom maker kit and some cool stitch holders that come in variety of sizes. There are also lots of other cool things in the store although not all the things listed on the website.

I am off to work on my blanket, it's coming along. I contemplated striping it but decided not to and it will just be pink. Sine the little person is already here there is no worries about gender.


Romy geissler said...

hi justine! i read about the chipi?s. i would be totally interested in them,what's the cost?

Debbie said...

She wanted pink ones because of breast cancer.

leah said...

I wanted a pink one for dual reasons... 1) My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor 2) Ever since I found out I was pg with a girl if pink is available in the item I'm looking at, it's the color I choose *haha* (I'd actually be interested in purchasing a couple because October is breast cancer awareness month and they'd be perfect RAOK's at that time!)

NKTN said...

Hi, it's Noreen, and the rumour you heard was RIGHT (lol, you read it at RAOK's, correct?)

Email me at noreens_knitche at yahoo dot com with your paypal addy and I'll send money IMMEDIATELY!


Mz Mar said...

I would be interested in getting a pink Chibi also. I have a paypal account and can pay you through that.Just let me know~~k?? Thanks

Kimberli said...

Oh Master Chibi Supplier...I'll have to pick some up when I return to Taiwan! I never did get to the yarn dist.!!! We'll have to go together!

Bets said...

Hi Justine, if you still have a pink chibi, I have a paypal account or if there's something else you'd like... thanks!

kmckiernan said...

Wow you are so nice! I would love one. I have paypal or whatever else you'd like. My email is and I'll send you some monies right away! Thank you thank you!