Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The light is still dangling from the ceiling, the water is still dripping. The roofer man came over and shook his head at it for awhile but I have no indication of if it will be fixed before I leave. Regardless of that the landlord showed up last night to return the remainder of my deposit and I was surprised by the fact that I got some money back. All year he has paid all my bills and told me we would tally them up at the end of my lease. It made my life easier and so I merrily moved along through the year and then just the other day realized that I might have to give him money when all the bills where added up. Thankfully I didn't and I walked away with some of my deposit money in my pocket, lucky me.

The packing is almost done and I am just waiting for the last of the laundry to dry. The weather is not co-operating at this point and I would just like to inform the clouds above Taipei that they are not allowed to release any water today because my shirts need to dry so they can be packed.

Thanks for all the comments on the last post. The scenery while camping was spectacular and some other campers have posted some photos that I might have to steal if I have the chance. I am currently frustrated with bloggers commenting format and the inability to answer all comments from my email box, I would like to switch to haloscan but highly doubt I will get to it in the next 2 days. Please know that I do appreciate the comments even if I don't always answer, it takes so long because blogger does not give me the email address and I have to look each one up. Actually maybe I will look into haloscan now, this morning well I have time as it would make chatting while traveling so much easier.

Okay enough babbling I need to make some tea.

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