Saturday, June 4, 2005


My mom says that her BackTack goodies have arrived but she hasn't yet sent me a picture to post. As soon as I have one I will put it up aling with some of the other wonderful things I have been meaning to show you.


Reasoning E'Bert said...

Hi there. I saw your blog and thought I would drop in.

It must be amazing teaching all those kids and places at the same time. do you get enough time off to see the sights? Or, perhaps, you travel to see the people.

Anyway. Just wanted to say hi. Hi.


Jessamyn said...

Thanks for stopping by. Having taught abroad also (China and Korea), I can totally relate to wanting to get back home. Good luck!

Reasoning E'Bert said...

Thanks for stopping bye. I found your blog (I think) via "Dirt & Yarn Don't Mix." I just love her blog, it's one of the first knitting blogs I found.

Wow, a month travelling. That sounds like fun. Can I ask, how much education did you have before you went travelling? Did you find employment here in Canada, or overseas?

I think that I'm feeling itchy feet again; so many of my friends are going travelling (and I say good for them, they need it), it's just that I'm use to being the one going off travelling, not the one who gets to stay home.