Thursday, June 9, 2005

There are 7 more days of life in Taipei

Okay the delete key on my keyboard is broken, it make s typing really challenging and much slower than usual, actually now that I have published that for all of cyberspace to read it just decided to behave, now it works. Crazy.

This is my last week in Taipei, I have been running around after work like a chicken with my head cut off ( no one here would know what that means because they sell the chickens with the heads still on and they eat them) trying to get all the things that I want to get to bring home with me. There has been a great deal of shopping going on and if anyone out there has any requests speak now or get nothing.

It is a cloudy day, this is sad because I am going camping this weekend, it seems that the weather here always tries to interfere with my plans. It always seems to be nice during the week and then rain on the weekend. I have packed a poncho and some garbage bags for under the tent to act as a tarp and hopefully I will I have fun even if it is wet. I am taking Tai, a last party before I send the poor girl to a kennel for a month. I think she will enjoy the space and hopefully like the river. I am a little concerned about the level of care she will get while there but it is one of the best in the city and they have outdoor runs for them so I think that she will be ok.
In case you are wondering where I will be when here's the plan:

Friday June 17 leave for Bangkok to meet CJ, she's coming the next day.
We will travel until July 13 - Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia - maybe Vietnam, you need visa for Vietnam and given our time constraints I am not sure if we will make it there, we'll see , the whole schedule is very flexible.
July 14 fly back to Taipei, get the dog, take her to the vet and doggy immigration office. Shop like crazy for any last minute things I feel I can't live without.
July 16 fly to Victoria
July 23 - day to trip to Saltspring to stroke some sheep. Michelle is coming, anyone else?
July 29 fly to Ottawa and find a JOB.

That's it, sounds like a good month and a half to me. Guess what it is time to leave for work, surprise, surprise, let me leave you with this little link to something that I think is great and rather cute. Have a great weekend, see you on Monday.

PS I still have 3 folks waiting for Chibi's - I will be at the LYS next week for another look, last week they were still out, I'll see what I can do.

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Jess said...

Hope you and Tai have fun!