Sunday, June 12, 2005

One last Monday

This is it, my last week here. It is a bit surreal and I am overwhelmed with the packing and such that I have to get finished. My goal is to get myself organized by tomorrow night so that I can really enjoy my last few days here. I have plans to go out with some friends on Wednesday night and then someone else on Thursday and then I leave on Friday after work.

I had a great time camping, there where some transportation challenges but once I got there I had fun and enjoyed breathing clean air all weekend. Tai had an amazing time and really enjoyed the river. It was interesting to watch her with the other dogs. I think that she thinks she is a person and the barking of other dogs has always scared here. She did have a brief encounter with the side of cliff when she fell off as she was running away from another dog but she was rescued by a friend and all as well, I kept her on her leash after that. I will post a few photos tonight, they are mostly of Tai but the place that we were staying was beautiful.

I am off to get a little packing done before work, I'll be back later.

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Kristen said...

I hope your packing is going well and everything with work and life is seaming up easier then your even most difficult knitting project. Will you return there next year, or are you packing things to be sent back over to North America?

sounds like you had a great weekend - I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. (speaking of which, is that Tai in a tree over there in the corner? how did s/he get up there??!?)

I hope you have a great last week!!!