Sunday, May 1, 2005

WHAT !!!!

What do you mean it is going to cost 1000 bucks to ship a little 15lb dog to Vancouver. Well the moving company charges for 66lbs regardless of how much the pet actually weighs. Can you say "highway robbery", I can. So now to add to my list of things to do I have to figure out a way to keep my dog and not have it cost me a billion dollars. There are many options but all of them depend on the kindness of strangers because all of my friends will be out of town like me in June/July. So I am spreading the word in Taiwan that I need someone to watch her or take her to Canada for me ( much cheaper for her to go as a baggage) and keep my fingers crossed that someone offers.

In other news I found out who my secret pal is but she did not leave her blog address and so I don't really know where to find her. R, if you are reading tell me where i can find your blog.

My to do list is getting smaller. It did rain on the picnic day and so although my kids where disappointed they had fun having a picnic in the gym, making cookie pizza's and playing parachute games inside. We went to the park in 5 billion degree heat on Friday afternoon instead and had a good play. The summer is so here, it's hot and the AC is back on.

Speaking of AC, when you live on the roof of a building don't open the storage room window to wide. My window AC units backs into a storage room, said room has a window. Window is always a little bit open for new air to circulate threw the AC. Makes sense, right. Well, last week I decide in my infinite wisdom to open the window more as the air was really stale and old smelling. What happens when you open a window really wide on the top of a building... the pigeons think it would be a great nest and come to visit. I woke up Thursday morning to pigeons cooing and thought it sounded to close but did not think to much of it, when it happened again on Friday I decided to investigate. I opened the storage room door and at least 5 pigeons started to fly around. They all flew out and then there was one more who just could not figure out how to leave the room. I opened the window wider and chased it out. The window is now back to only being open about an inch. You would think I would of learned my lesson in Ottawa when one flew in my living room window. What is it with me and pigeons.

Speaking of wild animals, I also have a gecko that has taken up residence on my kitchen window. I'll see if I can take a picture for you.

Thanks for all the sympathy with regards to the super long to do list. I know it will happen and when it does I will be so relieved. 4 more weeks of teaching and then 2 weeks of grunt work until I am finished.

One more thing, the Hong Kong album is finished, click here if you want to see it.


Renata said...

Oh sorry about that! You can check out my personal blog at the link, or my other blog (which I hardly post in) at:

Mz Mar said...

I sure hope you have luck finding someone to help out with your dog!
Your list seems endless!!! I'm sure you'll get it done! It's amazing what we can finish when we have to!
I'll add to your list and ask if you were able to pick up the chibi for me?

Danielle said...

That is big bucks for a little bundle.
I hope someone comes to the rescue.


Anonymous said...

so did you check out the new squeakums movies yet... should give you your princess fix for a few days... miss you. C.

Jacqueline said...

Honey - I will totally brainstorm on how to bring the pooch back home. I'm stressed just thinking about it.