Saturday, May 28, 2005

Converting the world one child at a time

Kindergarten Graduation was today, the kids did well and I managed to get through the whole thing with no major mishaps. They were cute as ever and I am going to miss them so much. 3 more day of classes and then they are gone, another chapter finished.

Look what we did yesterday! . Posted by Hello

He has been harrassing me to teach him all year but there was never a chance. With 3 days left of school we don't have much planned and this was the perfect time. I, (being the prepared teacher that I am) got some chopsticks out, sanded the tips and away we went. It was such a huge success that they all want to learn and so off I went to LYS. I got some double points, put beads on the tips to act as ends and on Monday we are all going to knit the day away. They all really wanted to learn but the chopticks were so small that it would of been hard to get a lot of them going. Yippee for the end of the year. They are all going to be lefties though because try as I may I just can't knit with my right.

I am off to have a drink!!! I so deserve it, remember that huge to do list a few weeks back, it's almost finished and all the work related bits are now done. I even mailed home one box and packed another today, Thailand in 20 days.

PS I will draw names for prizes from my contest in the morning, or maybe later tonight. I had people enter I did not even know were out there, thanks for entering.


Michele said...

Hi Justine!

Congrats on the completion of your school year! Doesn't it feel great?! And I love that you're teaching them all to knit! On chopsticks, no less! Teaching does have it's moments!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hiya! I just wanted to let you know I sent out your backtack fabric yesterday. Since it's coming from the US, it might not get there by the 31st... but since I am in the NW, it doesn't have far to go - so hopefully it will get there quickly!