Sunday, May 22, 2005

a day in the life of me

3:00 am - wake up having yet another severe allergy attack - this has happened every night for about a week, doesn't matter what I do I still wake up sneezing in the wee hours of the morning, I finally got back to sleep.

6:15 - bang, bang, bang, bang - gunshots perhaps. No a funeral procession going down my street with firecrackers, drums and loud music

9:00 am - Amazing race, season 7. I know who wins but I am enjoying anyway.

10:00 am - Phone calls to a variety of folks I love, answering emails and looking for Thailand hotels.

12:30 - Leave for an afternoon of shopping with a friend, bought some zip off pants for my summer trip.

4:30 return home, crank the AC and putter around the house, laundry to get going etc.

5:00 - More bangs, firecrackers galore as another funeral procession heads down my street, this was the biggest one yet. Tai is not afraid of the firecrackers but she is afraid of the drums - funny dog.

So far nothing too exciting... right, just an average day at 43 Fu Yang Jie.

5:15 - Landlords arrive and walk into apartment unannounced, I am only wearing a night shirt. I throw on some clothes and go out to meet them. They have another person with them and there is much conversing in Chinese, She is the lady from across the hall. Apartment here are bought one by one or floor by floor. It's kinda like a stack of duplexes at home. So they have to get her in on fixing the leak that has been driving me crazy since December. Well there is much going back and forth between her space and ours and lots of talking and hand motions and then they drag me over to the other ladies space to see what is happening and what do I see..... a wall of black mold! Yes the leak in my bedroom is water seeping in from her moldy rooftop patio and she has done nothing about it. Lucky me. My chronic cough, horrible allergies and constant sneezing when I am near this wall in my room all make more sense to me now.

They are replacing the roof and getting rid of the mold - the toxic black mold. But I have to tolerate it for 26 more days... at least I know why my allergies are so bad.

7:00 pm Landlords finally start to leave after much saying sorry, sorry, sorry for the mold and water in my room they left.
I made some soup for dinner. I watched CSI and I am moving my bed as far away from that wall as possible tonight.


Rae said...

Ugh! Mold! Poor you. I can't believe that lady let it get that bad. Even if she doesn't have allergies you would think the slimy wall would turn her stomach enough to get the roof repaired waaay sooner than now. Disgusting! At least you'll be outta there soon ;) I hope you have a great time on your summer travels.

Danielle said...

Yicky. I hope it gets better soon.
THat is just horrid. If she had allergies I don't think it would have gone that long.


Michele said...

Oh, Justine, how awful for you! I hope moving the bed helps you sleep through the night.

Are you finished your school year yet? We have only two weeks left up here.

Hope you're having a good day and a better night's sleep!

Beth said...

Justine - sorry to hear about the wall of mold, at least now you know the cause of the sneezing fits. Have you tried taking benadryl before going to bed? It usually helps me avoid the sneezing attack first thing in the a.m. Good luck!