Friday, May 20, 2005

In the home stretch

First a much belated thanks to all who commiserated with me over last Thursdays fire, thankfully we have all managed to put it behind us. The kidlets have recovered and all is well. Thanks Gina for the great e-card, it was exactly what I needed.

It's been a busy week, I have managed to get almost all of my work related stuff together and hopefully graduation will go off without a hitch next Saturday. I had a great dinner with Kimberli on Wednesday. We went to this fantastic Thai restaurant, the food was great and there is run down of the evening on her blog. I am so looking forward to eating Thai in THAILAND in 26 days. The giant to do list is getting smaller and I am getting excited.

Seeing Kimberli reminded me that I can't be in on SP5. Yes it's sad, but true. I will be all over the map this summer (literally) and I think the logistics might be to challenging. Oh well, hopefully I can be in on the next one. Should you want to sign up, I believe that you can until May 30 and there are already 350 participants!

This weekend I plan to beat this cold that is driving me crazy and try to get the some order in the apartment so I can start mailing things home. I decided to mail home a bunch a clothes and books but I am packing my stash... I wouldn't want that to get lost in the mail now would I. I will leave a bag here in Taipei and then pick it up when I get the dog on my way back through in July.

I am off to bike around town and run some errands, stationary store, electronics market and the LYS. There are still 2 people waiting for chibi's and I hope that the LYS finally has some more in stock. Have a great weekend

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