Sunday, May 8, 2005

Bad Bloglines

Bloglines should come with a disclaimer - it can be addictive. Before bloglines I would surf for awhile while I drank my tea and that was that. Now I have so many blogs at my fingertips at all times. Let me just say that I am addicted an spend way to much time watching for that bright red x to appear on my blogline icon.

In other news I have all the stuff for my backtack match and am sending her fabric and such today, I hope she like it. The person who has mom is asking questions, if you have anymore feel free to ask. My mom likes bright colours, cute things and animals.

I had a decent weekend, had to work on Saturday morning. We had a "picnic" in a dirty gym with 57 loud elementary students. Then I went back to the school with the best intentions to get report cards finished but instead t went to Costco. I was planning on finishing them but going to Costco was far more interesting. I got 10 done so I have 22 left. I am one my way out the door early to get some more done. They are due next Friday.

I gotta be out the door in 4 minutes.

Happy Mother's Day to those of you in other time zones and I am not biter at all about missing the weekend Maryland, it would of been a little far to go! Besides I jut out about Saltspring, more on that later.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks for the ideas for your Mom's back tack goodie. And I agree, going to Costco is more fun than working. I'm a litte confused though. Are you in Canada right now, or in Asia?
Oh, and more questions for your Mom. Does she garden? Does she bake?
'tis all for now. Enjoy your day, wherever you are!

Anonymous said...

Justine's mom kinda gardens, she has a fountain/pond that she likes. I wouldn't say she really bakes... although when she does bake its delicious! She is very crafty, she just got a new kitten, and loves to make things for her grandchildren :) hope that helps a little.

J. said...

Yes that anonymous pesrton is right ( I think it is my sister, or maybe even my mom herself) regardless it is accurate.

I am in Asia until July 16th and then back to Ottawa witha pit stop in Victoria.

Anonymous said...

OK, so if you read your comments READ YOUR EMAIL, and yes, its me - mom wouldn't comment on herself:) or then again, would she?