Wednesday, May 4, 2005

I have to leave for work in 12 minutes

and I am not yet dressed, blogging is much more fun. You will all be happy to know that the overwhelming to do list is slowly but surely getting smaller. I am planning to look myself in the school on Saturday afternoon and not come out until my report cards are done.

On the puppy front, I have managed to find plane tickets that work so that I can travel and return here to get her. I also found a kennel will let her outside to play everyday and not charge me a million dollars to keep her. So it looks as though we will be okay, it means a little running but that is okay. I also have 2 offers of people to take her sooner, I will have to wait and see if either of them work out.

Chibi update - the LYS is out, they are getting more but I am not sure when. At moment I only have one person waiting for 2 and I have sent out 12. If anyone else wants some speak soon as time is running out.

I am tired of knitting my baby blanket, it's checkerboard and it's just so dull. I am through 4.5 balls and have 3 left to go. It's slow going. The backsac and hats are on hold until I get this finished. I will get it done.

Backtack names are out. If you have me you need to know that the finished product will be for my mom, not me. She is the sewer and I thought that she would like to be in on this one. So we signed up together. She is a knitter and a sewer so I am sure whatever you send her will be amazing and she will love it. I am participating with her, my blog and I am sending fabric to our match from here. I must say it is very cool fabric.

Oh I so have to go, happy Thursday one day till Friday.


Maureen said...

Glad to hear you're making headway on that to do list. Sometimes they can take on a life of their own. Also glad to hear you have a solution to the beagle transport. Good luck with the report cards.

Michele said...

Hey, J,

Thanks for leaving a comment over at beknitted. How cool to find another knitblogging, dogowning teacher who takes her job on the road.

Will you be signing up for a workshop at the fibre festival? It would be way cool if we could meet there.

Happy knitting!

Lisa D. said...

I would love it if I could get 2 pink Chibis... if there is anything I can trade you or just good old cash/paypal, let me know!

Mz Mar said...

I received my chibi!! Thank you so much and I love the stitch markers!!
I tried to paypal you but the email I have for you isn't right???
Glad you made arrangements for your pup!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I'm your (Mom's) back-tack buddy. Do you have any clues about what colors she likes? Does she prefer pastels or brights? This is going to be so much fun!