Monday, May 16, 2005

Coming up for air

Hmmm.... there is so much left to do this week and so much could still happen. Happy things, 2 Kimberli is coming at we are meeting up for dinner on Wednesday(that's tomorrow) and there are only 12 teaching days left.
There are things going on at work, some of them as a result of last weeks fire, others are just happening. Work is not going to be a fun place this week and I that's all I can say about that on the internet where anyone in the world may be reading.
I will be in Canada in 60 days, just in time to go to this, yes boys and girls the Saltspring Fiber Festival is kindly waiting for me to come back to BC before starting. Isn't that nice of them. I know that Michelle is going and I think the rest of you westcoasters need to go as well (Maureen and your little beagle too). It's not like I would ever make it to Maryland but this will be my own little westcoast shopping extravaganza.

Sadly I have to go that place that I do not want to go today.


sauvageblue said...

I am so jealous what a great fest you get to go too. :D I want yarn too boo hoo!

Kimberli said...

Yeah - see you at dinner tonight!
Hmmm...I wonder if I could zoom over to BC for such a fest...I'd better sell off some of my stash first! :-)