Friday, November 2, 2007


So yesterday morning I stumbled out of bed and went downstairs to get a latte and my lunch organised, I managed to actually get my lunch out of the fridge (rather than roasted red peppers) and made a latte (on this fancy new toy I bought recently) as my milk frothed I started to get P's lunch organised, I got out 2 travel mugs and threw a tea bag into one for P. My milk was ready so I poured into the travel mug, added the espresso, took a few sips and put on the lid so I could drink the rest on the drive into the city. When I finally got into the car and opened my cup to have some latte I noticed a funny flavour - I racked my brain trying to figure out what I had done differently, I was at loss, it tasted really odd and yet I did everything the same as every other morning and then it struck me, most mornings I don't pour my latte into the cup that has P's tea bag in it. It was not a nice combination, I wouldn't suggest you try it - I bought my latte this am... it seemed like a better choice!

This is the blanket that you saw a few posts ago, it changed and morphed as I knit but it is based on a pattern from the Vogue Baby Blankets 2 book. It is knit with Patons Shetland Chunky in colours that I don't really know the names of. It was a good knit considering it's a blanket and miles of garter stitch. I didn't make it as big as the pattern suggested, just big enough to be a good stroller/car seat blanket.

Here is some of the Rhinbeck haul, I already cast on these mittens from Morehouse, I'm really looking forward to them. I also have some STR Sock Candy socks on the needles - I cast them on at the hotel in NY because the Inside Out socks were not meant to be and have been frogged - the first sock was to small and the second too big - same knitter, same needles, same wool - it makes no sense to me. A new pattern has been sought out and I will knit it eventually. actually it is the pattern in the back of the next picture - it has a fingerless glove and sock pattern included, i like it much better. I must say (in defense of the pattern that I have heard mixed reviews about from other people) that the Inside Out pattern did teach me about garter stitch short row heels and I rather like the way that they look and feel.

And finally here is some of the Rhinbeck haul, I went planning on buying no yarn, just roving and some tools that I have been coveting for awhile, I did pretty well until I fell down in the Morehouse store, I got 3 mitten kits (2 are for my sister though) and some lace weight with multiple ends @ 2.00 a skein - I think I can live with all the ends. On the left there is some blue organic cotton ( I bought 2 smallish bags) and 2 lbs of brown jacob roving from Spirit Trail - too bad I sold that Ashford Kiwi out from under my own feet at Merlin Tree - it was a nice wheel! I think that my best score was a copy of Stahlman's Shawls and Scarves, ( but I paid less than that) I have been looking for it for awhile and as we walked past The Fold it leapt into my arms - no really it did. I also bought some blocking wires, a niddy noddy and a ball winder.

I had also been on the lookout for a swift, I saw lots there but didn't get one as I was hoping to get a good deal on one - when I was playing on ebay yesterday I found one here, they also sell bamboo 5" double points US sizes 1-11 in a package for 14.99 (or less) - I don't use them very often but every now then I need them for something and at that price I thought it was worth it.

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