Wednesday, November 14, 2007

all done!

All done!
STR Sock Candy in Lapis - just over 1 skien, I should of done them toe up.
Based on the No Wool Socks in No Sheep for you but I did a short row heel and toe.
I am happy with them but if I was to knit them again I would go down a needles size as the ankle is a little to loose for me.
I have already cast on another of the many things I want to knit, I started Coronet with this wool (the purple) I got in Montreal last June, I saw a cool blend of the coronet pattern with Shedir on Ravelry and I rather like it. I've also finished Pebble Mitten finished and am up to the thumb increaes on the 2nd one.
Winter coming is good motivation for getting warm things knit, sad that there isn't more time!

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