Friday, November 23, 2007

snow days

Yesterday was a snow day - I stayed in my PJ's all day, it was a pleasant surprise, the surprise snow days are good, the radio man at CBC is always so sweet when he announces that the school buses are cancelled and when the buses aren't driving neither am I - we have over 30cm at out house, there is a lot less snow in the city.
Back to reality today, we did get some serious snow play time in this morning, small people are sleeping now, snow is tiring.

I finished my hat on Wed. and then I had to go to knit nite without a project - tragic I know. Sarah bailed me out and brought me some needles so i could cast the mittens on that were in my knitting bag

A close up, I am rather fond of it and it stays on my head, the last hat I knit was gifted as it tended to leave my head of its own accord. If you want your own, the Coronet pattern is from Knitty and the yarn is Stella (50% baby suri, 40% extra fine merino, 10% cashmere) from the Susan Andrew Collection, I bought mine here, not sure if you can get in anywhere else.

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