Monday, December 3, 2007

Driveway of Doom

I live in the country, at the end of a long and stunningly beautiful driveway, about 400 meters of tree lined goodness(no driveway picture but this one is good). The trees happily ( well I think it is happily) put on a most excellent show for us throughout the year, all sorts of colours and life exist in those trees. Sadly the trees are useless on a day like today!

It started to snow last night and it snowed and snowed and snowed - so much in fact that I could not open the door this morning to let the dogs out, I had to push the snow out of the way with the door. School buses are cancelled, the radio says to stay off the roads and so I am, it was not a hard decision for me as I really have no where to be today (temporary gainful employment ended on Friday) but P did have to go to work, P works in the, P had to go down the driveway - unplowed.

See, when you have a driveway as big as ours you either need to have a plow on a truck or have someone come and plow it. We have someone come and plow it, he is a character (to say the very least) and he comes when can but it is not usually until the end of the day. Thus ,until he shows we are at the mercy of the driveway, it or may not let us in or out.

Last week P came home late one night, I was asleep and he woke me to let me know that we were truly snowed in (it wasn't snowing) but his car got stuck in the driveway and until we got it unstuck neither of us was going anywhere. We did get in unstuck but it took awhile and a lot of brute force - P's brute force, I steered.

So, that all being said, this morning when P announced that he had to go to the office in the city I was rather concerned that he wouldn't make it. We cleaned off my car because it has new tires (see this post) and after a few attempts he managed to get moving and slowly winded his way down the driveway, he made it in my car but would not of in his. If the plowman doesn't come he may never be able to get home, well not in the car at least and I'm not going anywhere

So given that I am not going anywhere today I am going to spend the day catching up on some housework (better when you are wearing this), knitting, reading this or this - both of which are excellent reads and getting the filling ready to make perogies - these won't be gluten free ones as they are for our Christmas party but I will make gluten free ones for me to enjoy later this week.

So, that all being said let me leave you with pictures of the babes from this weekend, we went to cut out tree on Saturday, it was very cold (-26 with the wind) but a beautiful day, these 2 didn't want to come

This one couldn't wait to get out the door

Max will go wherever Chudder one goes and Tai stayed home as the snow is deeper than she is high.

A tree was cut by P, last year he was unexpectedly very sick at this time of year and I had to go cut one myself, well I had friends with me but not him, it was godd to let him do the cutting and the hauling this year while I just had to wrangle dogs and the camera.

I am off to peel potatoes and watch movies on the laptop.

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