Friday, November 9, 2007

But I wanna

I know that I have lots of things on my needles but my desire to knit all sorts of fabulous things is weighing me down and I am very tempted to break all my rules about finishing things before starting new ones. I try to have 23 things on the go at once, currently i have 5 and am tempted to add a few more.

The biggest problem by far is my attraction to this, when it started to appear in blogland I was in love and knew that I needed the yarn and then a sweater. I was attracted to the cardigan but then I started to see other designs and decided that I needed a pullover, so I bought this and am contemplating some of the patterns in it but I am also drawn to this - although it would take a little modification since it is in a sock after all. Anyone know of any other Kauni patterns out there that I might need to drool over?

I must say that I have to blame some of my startitis on Ravelry... it is hard to see all the fabulous stuff that is being knit and not want to cast some of them on.

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