Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yesterday continued

Okay so I ran our of time last night and then blogger was down, they said it would only be 30 minutes but I assure you it was longer than that! Anyway the second thing that I wanted to ask for your help with is also some charity knitting but of a much different sort.

There is a teacher here in Ottawa who amazes me, I first met her when I was student teacher and she taught one of the toughest spilt classes I have ever encountered. She was amazing and did amazing work with them, you could tell when you walked into her room that she cared about what she did. She is one of those teachers who gets what it means to love a child and works hard to make school a positive experience. Last year (while I was in Asia) she taught a number of her students to knit, she shared with them a piece of her world so that they may come to love the art as much as she does. I have not met any of the students that she taught but I understand that many of them took to it and happily knit up their first project.

Earlier this year this teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer and she had to stop teaching, she is very sick. One of the students who was in her class last year decided that it would be nice to knit her up a blanket, if all her friends knit squares then she could put them together and make a blanket for her old teacher for Christmas. So the young student put out the call to friends and teachers for 8x8 squares before Christmas. Well Christmas came and went and the student received very few squares, but yet she has not given up and still really wants to be able to give her old teacher something that has been knit by people who care about her and hope that she heals as she begins chemo in the next few weeks.

So to help this student out I said I would put out the word, if you have time the square can be from any fiber you have available and can have any pattern of no pattern at all. I will also draw a name from all who send in a square for a prize of stitch markers and some yarn, (see details below)

I know this makes 2 knitting requests in 2 days but if you could find a moment to knit up a square or a hat and send it this way that would be amazing. I am off to Toronto in 13 minutes, for a big 24 hour trip, I am hoping to fit a Romni trip in, I'll fill you in on the details when I get back.

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