Saturday, January 21, 2006

Home again

I am home in Ottawa, I got in on Thursday and all is well. We are in the midst of a major snow storm today but that's nothing new here. I must say that they weather in California was a pleasant change to say the very least. I could get used to not wearing a coat in the missle of January

My last few days in SF were great, my sister and I managed to get some more stash enhancement in. We hit a few more yarn stores and I got some amazing alpaca along with a few more patterns and a new bag book as well. However, I think the best yarn scores were to be found in my sister stash, which she generously shared as she feels that her 2 little people will keep her busy enough for awhile! I got a some beautiful yarn and once I fish it all out of my suitcase I will share a photo or 2.

Well that's about it for news in my world, Kimberli tagged me with meme but I don't have the time to answer it at the moment as I have to go and meet P in 20 minutes. There are also a billion other thoughts buzzing around in my head that are knitting related but those too will have to wait until later.

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