Wednesday, February 9, 2005


Poor me, I am so ill, well that is not true I was so ill all night. I am not sure if it was food poisoning, to much disguised gluten/MSG or the green chilies but I was not a happy girl. Aside from feeling like I have been run over by a train today I am having a great time.

Yesterday we went on this very fun island tour and swam in these great fresh water pools and a lovely barbecued lunch. Lunch is always lovely when others make it! Then we went and saw a small local village and on the way home we hit a rooster, the boys stopped the jeep and got out to pick it up, free dinner. I was a little floored but I understand why they did it. Chickens and roosters wander free unless they are for cock fights and then they are kept closely guarded.

Today we are just going to hang out in the town and tomorrow we are going to see White beach. I am heading back to Manila on Saturday and then home to Taipei on Tuesday. Okay I need to go find some gentle food for my sad and overwhelmed stomach. Talk to you soon.

Yes I found and cheaper internet connection, thus the post.


Anonymous said...

Hi J.

Sorry to hear that you are sick! Hope you will feel better real soon.

Yes, I'm very much interested in trading my wool yarns for the stitch markers. Please email me for your address that I can mail you the yarns.

Susan -

Jess said...


Obviously we have never met. I am an SP4 participant and was scrolling down the list of blog participants (should really go out and get some lunch!)... It is fun to read your adventures, but sorry that you are not well. Get better soon... and LOVE those stitch-markers! If you ever want a swap from the UK, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing. I"ll make sure to send you some English tea in your package.

Happy Valentines Day!

-Your Secret Pal