Saturday, February 5, 2005


Well I arrived the Philippines Yesterday, all in one piece. It's hot and sunny and Manilla is dirty and crowded! I checked in to the hostel and after some frustrating reservation mix ups I got a bed. It was perhaps the smallest, darkest room I have ever seen, most of the rooms are pretty good but I ended up with a dud. I am moving into better space tonight and Amanda is arriving from Taipei.

Yesterday I went exploring to this very old part of the city and saw a church that is from the 16th century. It was neat and so old. The poverty in the neighbourhood was a little overwhelming. Children always have their hands out hoping a friendly face will give them something. It's a really different than Taipei.

I have all day today here and tomorrow I am heading to the beach, I can't wait. People told me not to stay in the city to long and now I understand why. Hopefully today will be okay and I won't fall into any puddles as I did last night in the dark, not to fun!


Su said...

hey there,
just in case you read this in the next 8 hours. amanda waited until this afternoon to copy down the info you sent her on the hotel, directions, etc. well, the website is down. it should be up in an hour or so, but just in case it isn't...please call me tonight. we can leave a message for her at the airport or something. i will leave another message if i can get into her email account. have fun!

Anonymous said...

okay...i know you may not read this until you back, but just in case...she did get the hotel info. from me, but the plane's delayed because of fog here in taipei. she's leaving on monday morning. i'm sure she'll call you. talk to you later.