Monday, February 28, 2005

Eat, sleep, knit, read.....

and watch the Academy Awards. That's what I did today. Not true, I also went to the Laundromat to dry my clothes and the grocery store to buy chicken. Ultimately though I spent the better part of my 3 day weekend doing very little and I loved every minute of it.

It has been raining here since the 17th, there has been a few hours of sun but that is it, not even a whole day just a few hours here and there. Hopefully with March here in a few hours things will improve. Needless to say the weather did not inspire me to do to much either. I did a lot of reading and finished a bunch of knitting projects. I was also working on a blanket but I decided that I wouldn't have enough wool so I pulled it out and am contemplating my options. I don't want to buy anymore more wool while I am here and would like to use up what I have so I don't have to pack it. I did start a Fair Isle hat kit today though, it's my first try (at carrying colours) but I think that I can do it.

I make it sound like I didn't do anything at all this weekend and that's not true, I went out for dinner on Friday, shopping on Saturday afternoon and then to Costco yesterday AND I cleaned my apartment, well all of it except my bedroom.

Not to much else to say, back to school tomorrow and happily it is only a 4 day week now. I am going to curl up and read for few hours before I go to sleep listening to never ending rain on my tin roof.

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