Saturday, February 19, 2005


I'm sitting here with my tea on a very cold and wet morning. This is day 3 of solid rain and I am not to happy about it. I am in fact dreading the day, I have to head to school and get a heap of work done for the coming week(s). I am excited about by next theme, Neverland. We are going to learn about all things imaginary. I am dreading being back at work and the frustrations of working in another culture with support staff who seem to have in for me. But whatever, there is little I can do about it. It's a year and it is almost done and then I'm going home. The fact that we work 10 hours a day also takes it toll on my sanity and patience.

On a brighter note I saw Finding Neverland last night and really loved it. I have been passionate about Peter Pan for many years and it was really neat to see a slice of the story about the author's life. I know that it's a movie and many things probably changed in the process of making it into a script but I loved it anyway. I also spent the morning out and about showing a friends, friend around the Jade and flower markets. All in all it as good end to my vacation but sadly it's over.

Okay I must go get some food and get myself out into the rain....

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