Tuesday, February 1, 2005

I'm the best

Isn't that so true, no self esteem isues here! Today is my class' 100th day of school and I (their crazy teacher) am currently putting 100 elstics in my hair, I won't leave the school all day as I will look a little strange but the kids will think it is great. Maybe, if your lucky I will take a picture.

Not to much elsse to say. I have been trying to get some stuff organized before my trip but I am not getting to far. I must get some laundry done and have 3 packages to mail. In order to mail the packages I must finish the letters that go in them. Maybe tonight.

Anyway, gotta get moving and go see the munchkins. Yesterday was a tough day, the new TA was there all day and they were so naughty, poor girl is never going to come back! Hopefully today will be better all though it is out party day and so expecting them to be good is silly of me. Oh well, it'll be fun.

Have a good Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's your Secret Pal again. Glad to know that you're doing fine!

I wanted to send you an ecard but I have no email address to send it to!

Nevertheless, an extremely yummy package will be coming your way shortly. Be on the lookout.

-Your Secret Pal

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