Thursday, August 23, 2007

pictures as promised

Hello all, THe last of the guests have departed, the garden is sort of under control and I am taking the day off to knit and update the blog. This is a picture heavy post but I figured I would just fire them all into one post and be done with it ( actually that's a lie, there are more)

The day before the wedding, (I will get this shawl knit if it kills me!) Some of us were working

and some of us were not. In their defense they did get work done as well, just not before they enjoyed their beers and pickled herring

All dressed up for the big day, I did finish the shawl. They took the pictures on the farm and there are some fabulous ones

My parents came from the westcoast

The groom and his Dad, good Irish Ukrainian catholic that he is

There was an univited guest or two

The wedding was almost beautiful as the bride

I've never P. dance as much as he did that night - this is kung-fu fighting

How could I leave out the animals, Max's knew favourite spot, the outdoor water dish

Sidney, we decided we needed to keep him

and one of our resident butterflies

And since some of you some of you come here for the knitting here is a close up of the shawl, although not a great one

Melon Scarf or Shawl from Victorian Lace today
Knit with 1.5 skeins of Sea Silk. I probably could of added about 10 more repeats and made it the suggested size to use up the yarn but I felt like it was bit enough at 55 and I was running short on time.
Next up on the needles is some 2nd socks and P's sweater, even if it kills me.

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