Sunday, August 19, 2007

5 days in review ( well 6 with today)

Tuesday - clean house, get bed for parents to sleep in dropped off, drop off falls through, borrow van to get bed, van breaks, knit melon shawl, friends bring truck, get bed home at 11pm, truck dies in yard, 11:30 bed in house being made, truck starts and friends depart. 12am, do dishes, 12:30 parents arrive

Wednesday - cook, knit, cook, knit, sit in hot tub, send P to airport to get his sister.

Thursday - cook, tidy house, knit melon shawl, cook, finish shawl at 3pm, block shawl on top bunk before one of the groomsmen needs to sleep there, get dinner for 40 on the table at 8, sit in hot tub, tease a very happy(read drunk) P and a happy(also drunk) Dad, crash at 1am

Friday - drink coffee, lots of coffee, get groceries, iron clothes, take family photos, watch thunder and lightening storm blow in, watch wedding party flee from field to house (with photographer in tow) just at the rain starts to fall and the wind blow bricks from chimney into the yard, feed the masses again, pack them into cars to wedding, attend wedding, hug friends, hold back the tears (why do I cry at weddings) as I do the reading for them, watch L and A beam happily as they finally tie the knot, get in car drive to reception, enjoy my evening visiting with people I don't get to see enough, clean up hall, insist on bringing drunk guests home, deposit guests in afore mentioned bunk beds (groomsmen elsewhere tonight), crash at 2am

Saturday - rise to make breakfast for 40, lots of help was received from house guests, tidy up yard after the storm, 11:30, feed the masses again, watch L and A open gifts, 2pm start make loud noises about exhaustion setting in so that people will leave, tidy up, 2:30 nap for 2 hours, get up and go to friends house for potluck, take leftover wedding food and I am never cooking again, 8pm come home, enjoy hot tub, play with kittens, go to bed.

Sunday - kiss P as he leaves to drive sister to airport at 6:30, sleep in, drink coffee, blog and read email, go to phantom of the opera, eat dinner out ( see above never cooking again), enjoy hot tub and crash sometime before 1am ( or so I hope my day goes something like that).

See you all on the other side of the family visit (Thursday) with pictures of the shawl and oh yeah the wedding too.

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