Thursday, July 12, 2007

pictures anyone?

As if this one needs any sort of a description. The hat pattern is from Charmed Knits and the scarf pattern is my own. I have been knitting for a local bookstore who will be selling them at the release next Friday. Sadly they are knit with acyrlic but it was really the onely way to make the afforadble for the average kid.

And because you all need more pet pictures in your lives. Here is Chudder and Max, we wanted to show the current size difference because he won't be so much smaller for long.

Yes he is still adorable

Chudder is amazed by the kittens, she just stands there and stares at them for as long as we will let her. They are starting to be more alert and I caught this one in mid yawn.

Alright it's back to the garden and more Potter knitting for me.

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